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Although most lodgings still do not accept pets, more and more are making arrangements for your animal companion.



Traditionally, most lodging places in the New England states did not accept pets in their guest rooms.

But this is changing.

Because of the number of travelers who now wish to travel with their pets—especially dogs—ever more hotels, motels and inns are making arrangements for pets as guests, either in or near their owners' rooms.

Quite a number of hotels and motels in and around Boston accept pets, for example.

Be sure to ask if pets are accepted at your selected lodgings, and the requirements, which may include:

Limits to the weight or size of the pets, and the number of pets

Guests must stay with the pets at all times, or have them crated or delivered to a kennel if left alone

Extra charges for pets ($20 to $25, for example)

Release forms indemnifying the hotel for injury to the pets and damage done to hotel property by the pets

—Pets must be leashed or otherwise under control, whenever outside the guest room

That having been said, some hotels that accept pets may provide extra services for your pet, including bedding, food and water, treats, grooming, dog-walking service (for an additional charge), and maps of nearby pet-friendly parks and walking areas.

Those with allergies to animals may also want to look at hotels' pet policies for their own comfort.

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