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The eastward continuation of Yarmouth's beaches are in West Dennis and Dennis Port—and fine beaches they are.

by Tom Brosnahan
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During the summer season, visitors to Town of Dennis beaches arriving by car without a Town of Dennis resident sticker must pay a daily parking fee. If you walk or bike to the beach, no fee is collected.

Here are Dennis's beaches, from west to east and north to south:

Cape Cod Bay Beaches

On the Northside (as it's called in Dennis), there are five beaches open to th public and three reserved for Town of Dennis residents and renters.

Chapin Memorial Beach

A track for 4-wheel-drive vehicles and toilets are the services at this beach at the western end of Dennis's northern Cape Cod Bay shore.

Mayflower Beach

West of Corporation Beach, Mayflower Beach is open to all, with showers, toilets, food stands and handicapped access, while neighboring Bayview Beach is open to Dennis residents only.

Corporation Beach & Howes Street Beach

This beach in the center of Dennis's north shore facing Cape Cod Bay has two entrances, thus its two names. Services include toilets, showers, a playground, food stands, and handicapped access.

Sea Street Beach

Sea Street Beach, near the eastern end of Dennis's Cape Cod Bay shore, is open to all, and has toilets, while Harborview and Cold Storage beaches to the west of it are open to Dennis residents only.

Scargo Lake Beaches

Two beaches on freshwater Scargo Lake near the northern shore of Dennis are open to all visitors:

Scargo Beach

On the southeastern shore of the lake, this small frshwater beach near Scargo Hill Tower has Hhandicapped access and toilets.

Princess Beach

Princess Beach, at the northeastern corner of the lake, has a picnic area and toilets.

Nantucket Sound Beaches

Here are the beaches along the Southside, Dennis's southern Nantucket Sound shore from west to east.

West Dennis Beach

Reached via School Street, three-mile-long West Dennis Beach is among the town's finest, a broad beach with a bathhouse, showers and toilets, snack bar, 1300 parking spaces in separate lots for visitors and residents, and the 3-star, 68-room Lighthouse Inn.

South Village Beach

At the southern end of Swan Village Road, South Village Beach has toilets, and separate parking lots for residents and non-residents. Haigis Beach, to the east of South Village, is for residents only.

Glendon Road Beach

Off Old Wharf Road, Glendon has showers and toilets.

Sea Street Beach

At the southern end of Sea Street in Dennis Port, this beach has public toilets, and the 3-star, 42-room Pelham House Resort, should you want to spend the night.

Raycroft & Depot Street Beaches

These two small beaches east of Sea Street Beach have no services, nor lifeguards.

Metcalf Memorial Beach

At the eastern end of Dennis's southern shore, off Chase Avenue, Metcalf Beach has public toilets,a nd is backed by several resort hotels. including the 3-star, 76-room Edgewater Resort.

Inman Road Beach, just west of Metcalf, is for Town of Dennis residents only.

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West Dennis Beach, Dennis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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