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Car, bus, train, plane and boat are all useful means of transportation in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


m/v Island Queen, Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA
m/v Island Queen,
Falmouth (Cape Cod) to Martha's Vineyard Island 


New England (map) is not a land of wide open spaces, so transportation by car, bus, train, plane and boat is relatively easy. Much of the traffic to the region comes by way of New York City. Boston MA, Providence RI and Springfield MA are also transportation hubs.

Some Distances

From New York City to Boston is 216 miles (348 km), a journey of 3.5 hours by fast Acela Express train, about 4.5 to 5.5 hours by car or bus, depending on traffic. More...

Click here to choose among car, bus, train and plane for travel between New York and Boston.

Boston to Burlington VT is also 216 miles (3.5 hours by car). From Boston to Bar Harbor ME and Acadia National Park is 285 miles (459 km), almost 5 hours by car.

The drive from New Haven CT to Eastport ME is 480 miles (772 km)—a drive of about 8 hours, though few would plan to drive all the way in one day. There's too much to see and do in between.

In short, you can go by car from almost any point in New England to any other point in the region in a day's drive or less, somewhat longer by bus.

To New England by Car

Click here for tips on the fastest and most scenic routes to New England from New York City, Montréal, and beyond. More...

Car Rental/Hire

Here's information for renting/hiring cars in New England.

Around New England by Car

The most popular way to go, including info on car rental/hire, rules of the road and fuel costs. More...

Travel by Bus

If you have no car—or want to leave the hassles of driving, traffic and parking to someone else, you have many useful bus routes from which to choose. New York-to-Boston by bus is quick, cheap and very popular. More...

Here's a list of every city and town in New England served by bus, and the bus companies that will take you there. More...

Travel by Train

Limited routes, but comfortable, scenic and fast on some routes. A train trip through New England is usually far more scenic than a similar trip by bus. Then there are the nostalgic old-time excursion trains. More...

Grand Central Terminal, New York City
Grand Central Terminal, New York City.

Travel by Plane

Unlike the wide open spaces of the USA's Far West, New England travel is usually by car, bus, train and boat rather than by plane. However, a few longer routes and airport connections make sense for flights. More...

Travel by Ship & Ferry

From the Connecticut Shoreline to Bar Harbor ME, New England's 5000 miles (8000 km) of coastline are busy with ferries and cruise boats. More...

Transportation by State

Here's specific information on transportation in every New England state and New York City:

Boston MA Transportation

Connecticut Transportation

Maine Transportation

Massachusetts Transportation

New Hampshire Transportation

New York City Transportation

Rhode Island Transportation

Vermont Transportation

Driving to New England

Driving in New England

Car Rental/Hire

Bus Travel

Train Travel

Air Travel

New York City<—>Boston Travel

Boston Transport


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South Station Bus Terminal, Boston MA

South Station Bus Terminal, Boston MA.

Chester-Hadlyme Ferry, Chester, Connecticut

Chester-Hadlyme Ferry, Chester CT.

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