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Bus Travel in New England USA

You can get to most parts of New England by bus. Boston MA, Springfield MA, Providence RI and New York City are the main terminals.

South Station Bus Terminal, Boston MA.
South Station Bus Terminal, Boston MA.

With limited train service in New England, bus is the best way to travel to certain destinations if you don't have your own vehicle.

Major Bus Terminals

New York City

Port Authority Midtown Bus Terminal, New York NY.
Port Authority Midtown Bus Terminal
: it may not be efficient, but it sure is ugly.

New York City's rightly-maligned Port Authority Midtown Bus Terminal is the busiest bus station in the USA, dispatching buses to all parts of the USA, eastern Canada, and many New England cities and towns. (BIt takes up an entire city block between Eighth and Ninth avenues and 40th and 42nd Streets (map), but note: many intercity buses do not use the Midtown Bus Terminal. Rather, they load and unload on street corners in New York. More...)

Bus service between New York City and Boston MA is frequent, with at least seven companies running buses with simple to elaborate comforts and services, and fares ranging from $10 to $99 for the 4-1/2-hour ride. More...

Boston MA

Boston's South Station Bus Terminal is the busiest bus station in New England. More...

Providence RI

Kennedy Plaza, Providence RI
Kennedy Plaza, Providence RI.

Rhode Island's capital city has a busy Peter Pan Bus Terminal with departures for many New England points including Boston and Cape Cod. Some buses also stop in Kennedy Plaza in the city center. More...

Springfield MA

Peter Pan Bus, New England's largest intercity bus company, has its headquarters and major terminal in Springfield, from which you can board or transfer buses for destinations all over New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. More...

Bus Reservations & Tickets

Major bus companies' ticket reservations and booking systems may include destinations served by a number of bus operators (like "code-sharing" by airlines). This can make it easier for you to discover which bus(es) go to your destination. Try these reservations systems:


Greyhound (owned by Flixbus)


Peter Pan Bus

Concord Coach Lines

Other Destinations

These major systems find routes to cities, larger towns, and popular destinations. For smaller towns and villages you may need to find a small local service. Here are some tips:

—Bus Routes to/from Boston

—Boston - New York City Buses

Connecticut Transportation

Maine Transportation

Massachusetts Transportation

New Hampshire Transportation

—New York City Transportation

—Rhode Island Transportation

—Vermont Transportation

Major Bus Companies

Here, in alphabetical order, are New England's more prominent bus companies and notes about the cities and towns they serve:

Bonanza Bus Lines

Bonanza is a division of Peter Pan Bus—see below.

Boston Express

A subsidiary of Concord Coach Lines, Boston Express operates routes from Manchester, Nashua, North Londonderry and Salem NH, and Tyngsboro MA to Boston (South Station) and Logan Airport. More...

Bus Monitor, South Station Bus Terminal, Boston MA
Bus departures monitor at Boston's South Station.

Concord Coach Lines

Concord Coach Lines is the major company in New Hampshire and Maine, connecting cities in those states with Boston and Logan Airport. More...

C & J Bus

Connects Portsmouth NH with Boston and Logan Airport via Durham and Dover NH and Newburyport MA, and also has routes from Portsmouth direct to New York City. More...

Dartmouth Coach

A subsidiary of Concord Coach Lines, Dartmouth Coach connects Hanover/Darmouth College, New London and Lebanon NH with Boston, Logan Airport, and New York City. More...


Flixbus, headquartered in Germany, is an international operator of bus lines with many destinations in the USA and Canada. Flixbus owns Greyhound, and works with several New England bus companies (like Peter Pan Bus) to operate its routes. More...

GO Buses

GO Buses (operated by Academy Bus) is one of several companies operating buses daily between Boston and New York City. The difference? Departures are not from Boston, but from Cambridge MA (MBTA subway Red Line's Alewife terminus) and from Newton MA (map) to New York City.

From Alewife terminus, buses travel to the intercity bus station at 335 Grove Street, Newton MA, near the MBTA subway Green Line Riverside terminus, before heading out via Interstate highways to New York City.

The New York terminus is at the northwest corner of the intersection of 8th Avenue and 31st Street, near Pennsylvania Station (map).


America's traditional bus company is owned by Flixbus, and runs important routes connecting New York City with Boston MA, Burlington and other Vermont cities and towns, Portland and Bangor ME. More...


A subsidiary of Coach USA, Megabus operates numerous routes in New England, New York and the rest of the USA. Some Megabus-liveried routes are operated by other companies. Megabus serves the Boston-New York City express route with 11 comfortable buses daily in each direction, and also serves New Haven and Hartford CT, and Burlington VT. More...


Routes from New Haven and Bridgeport CT to Boston and Worcester MA. More...

Peter Pan Bus Lines

New England's largest bus company operates routes to the Connecticut Shoreline, Hartford, western Connecticut, the Massachusetts Berkshire Hills, Cape Cod, Fall River and New Bedford), the Pioneer Valley in central Massachusetts (with its college towns of Amherst, Deerfield, Northampton and South Hadley), Springfield MA, Providence and Newport RI. More...

Plymouth & Brockton

Plymouth & Brockton Bus to Provincetown, Cape Cod MA.
A P&B bus on its way to Provincetown on Cape Cod.

Buses from Boston and Logan Airport via Plymouth to Cape Cod, Woods Hole, and among the towns on Cape Cod all the way to Provincetown. More...

Vermont Translines

A service of Premier Coach, Vermont Translines runs daily buses between Albany NY and Albany Airport to Burlington and Burlington Airport along north-south US Route 7 and NY Route 7. More...

Vermont Translines Bus Route Map